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Our company provides customized, confidential one-on-one matching consultation services pairing each match to a client's specific conditions, and their requirements in order to help our clients embark on a serious, long term relationships.
Our company provides a matchmaking platform for both men and women. However, the process of matching a man and a woman depends on the chemistry between the two sides, the level of understanding and expectation, the couple's efforts to make the relationship work.
We take into consideration your current situation, your match requirements (such as occupation, income, region etc.), and utilize customized and confidential service to precisely match both you and your potential partner in order to obtain the highest possibility of success.
Our company's consultants carefully screen both clients, analyze which parties are the most compatible then allow both parties to exchange basic information. After the clients confirm their mutual interest, a specific time and place (in a public area) is decided, and then the matching experience is set.
We are membership-based service. We charge a reasonable fee based on the plan length, the degree of effort required to conduct the match, and your requirements. All clients must pay the appropriate fee before any service is commenced. For specific details, please speak with your Matchmaker.
Complete in my company's official website and fill out the membership form to upload my recent life photos (front and body dressed each photo) upload it to our Web site. View PayPal Link in the Process Section to choose their own service plans categories pay the corresponding amount. Please enter the amount agreed upon with your Matchmaker.
Currently, 75% of our members live in California, 20% live in other part of USA, 5% reside in China and Hong Kong.
Regular members are added to our Matchmaker Database and our available to be selected for potential matches. Other Memberships are based on length, your requirements, and level of effort required by our Matchmakers. Advanced Membership is for 3 months. Gold Membership is for 6 months. Platinum Membership is for 1 year.
You may meet a lot people at friend's parties but they are not professionally selected for you, some may not be legally single and some may not be suitable for marriage. After joining our company as a member, you will be able can enjoy our successful matchmaker’s professional selection, efficient and effective one-on-one matching services, and couples complimentary counseling service.
We use PayPal payment link so you use PayPal or pay on line. Please see Process Page and Scroll to bottom of page for PayPal Link. Personal Check with title name is "East & West Cupid Inc." is accepted. Please inquire for wire instructions. Payment is available in our Offices in Pasadena and Irvine.